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How Augmented Reality Improves Agriculture

how augmented reality improves agriculture

Agriculture plays a vital role in feeding the people and influencing countries’ economies. With the scarce resources in agriculture, the future of food security is being threatened as the population continues to grow. But with the innovation, quality of life is assured. This article will impart how augmented reality improves agriculture.

According to Gartner, augmented reality refers to the real-time usage of information through virtual enhancements associated with the real-world set-up. It bridges the digital and physical worlds to have a deeper appreciation of certain matters.

“Augmented Reality transforms volumes of data and analytics into images or animations that are overlaid on the real world”, The report from Harvard Business Review stated.

In this case, augmented reality is poised to improve agriculture by improving farm production. First, farmers can monitor their farm operations and production. They do not need to conduct manual land surveying to check the status of their crops. Doing this extensive work will be costly for them when they aim to expand their farmlands. A lot of farmers, especially in low and middle-income countries struggle to monitor their farms. And as a result, they experience a low level of productivity.

Another way how augmented reality improves agriculture is to increase the digital literacy of farmers in applying technologies in agriculture. With the ongoing pandemic, new farmers can be thought of how to perform farming operations and other agricultural tools remotely. Moreover, the application of agriculture in technologies can entice youth to engage in farming. The augmented reality can address the aging gap of farmers at present.

Lastly, augmented reality can help farmers assess agricultural tools to improve farm production. How’s that? Well, augmented reality can examine farming tools if using such equipment can optimize operation or somehow benefit the growing crops.

Some may be overwhelmed by how augmented reality revolutionized agriculture. It may be a long shot but this does not imply that augmented reality is impossible in improving agriculture.

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