Home Press Release Frosteam Digital launched a social news platform the “Trending Spot”

Frosteam Digital launched a social news platform the “Trending Spot”


With over 150,000 social media followers on its network of websites, Frosteam Digital relaunched its newest social news platform the Trending Spot (trendingspot.com). Trending Spot provide its users a total control on what they can share, from the latest stories, celebrity news, travel, DIY hacks, and other trending stuff that their friends share on the internet.

Frosteam Digital has been promoting and managing its network of website since 2010. Websites like Trending.ph, Tripfic, and a bunch more.

In a recent interview with Michael Vicente, the owner of Frosteam Digital, he said, “We will continue to develop and build engaging products for our audience. This project will deliver an engaging content to our Millennials and Gen-Z followers. Hoping for the success of this relaunch!”


Media Release

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