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8 Things We Love About the New Samsung Galaxy Note8


After the disastrous Galaxy S7, Samsung is here to please everyone with a bigger and better smartphone. The recently unveiled Galaxy Note8, and here are 8 things we love about it.

1. For starters, let’s talk about S Pen, the stylus we all love about Samsung Smartphones. You can send a live hand-drawn message, draw your own emoji and GIF. Isn’t that sweet? Wait there’s more, you can also make a note without even unlocking your phone.

2. Next would be the 18.5 inch display ratio (6.3 inches screen) which by far the biggest for a note. It paves way to an Infinity Display expanding up to the phone edges. Perfect for watching videos and sending messages at the same time. Yes, your seeing that right, with 2 simultaneous display capability, it allows you to multi task and do things you love all at the same time.

3. A 12MP rear and an 8MP front cam are just about the standards of smartphones nowadays but what separates Note8 from its competitors is the ability to gather more light and shoot quality images in less than ideal lighting conditions. Thanks to its F1.7 lens which greatly improves low light performance, an area where smartphones traditionally struggle. In addition, it also has Auto Focus (AF) technology design that provides smooth, high performance focus tracking.

Most importantly its Dual Camera has 2x optical zoom and dual OIS (Optical image stabilization) which means photos produced are beautifully steady even with a camera shake.

4. Security features we love about the Note8 are.. Iris Scanner allowing you to unlock the phone just opening looking at it. Just align your eyes to the twin circles on the screen. Second is Face Recognition, using your selfie skills allows you to open your phone. Third is Fingerprint Scanner, located at the back of you phone, so as you pick up you phone your finger goes naturally to the sensor.

5. Have you heard of Bixby? Well it makes your phone helpful by assisting you in completing tasks, telling you what you’re looking, learning and remembering your routine. You can talk, tap or type, bixby understands it all.

6. Internet connectivity is enhanced thanks to S8’s Gigabit LTE and 1024 QAM capabilities, its an advanced form of LTE (4G wireless technology) with a larger bandwidth that allows you to download a 2 hour movie in 15 seconds (More likely, depending on your internet source)

7. Aside from that and as expected, it is water resistant up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

8. Lastly we want to mention that wireless charging is an option, just keep in mind that wireless charger is sold separately.

That’s all we love about the newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy Note8 last Wednesday, August 23. Let us know your thoughts on the comments below!

Credits: Image snippets from Samsung


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