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Tech Inventions and Innovations to expect in 2017


The year 2017 looks promising in terms of new inventions in the tech industry. New and innovative products are expected to enter the market, meaning that simpler ways of doing things will be introduced. Below is a summary of some of the most interesting tech products to be released this year:

The Pico Brew
Pico Brew is a kit that’s meant to enable people to brew their own beer at home. The $200 device can create up to five liters of homemade beer within a few hours. The kit has a good cleaning system that ensures your beer components are well sanitized for healthy living. You can create more than 40 types of beer using this kit.

The Snoo Bassinet
Snoo Bassinet is a simple robot that automatically rocks your baby to undisturbed sleep. The robot has a system that recreates the feeling and comfort of a womb with slight humming sounds to put the baby to sleep. In addition to putting your baby to sleep, the Snoo bassinet also has a sleeper outfit that keeps your child safe from rolling over.

PowerRay Drone
The PowerRay drone is a waterproof device created to enhance underwater video coverage. The device can swim up to 30 meters underwater, and it applies sonar to help competitive fishermen track fish easily. This drone has inbuilt Wi-Fi that helps to send alerts to the fisherman on land. You can also use this drone to take pictures or record videos of the underwater activities.

These are a few of the millions of tech products to be released this year. Keep yourself updated to benefit from these inventions.


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