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The Usage of AI in Today’s New Normal

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According to Narrative Science, sixty percent of the population used artificial intelligence in 2019. It significantly impacts business operations, company strategy, and job functions. The usage of AI is widely spread in today’s digital era.

In today’s new normal brought about by COVID-19, AI has been so beneficial. It increases the convenience of the majority and addresses some of today’s issues.

The usage of AI enables consumers to spend wisely. Many fintech adapted AI since it helps consumers to cut spending. Machine learners can organize and analyze banking data.

“Cleo is an app similar in purpose, but it targets millennials and Generation Z in that its chatbot communicates with humor and wit,” Lucas Miller of Entrepreneur stated.

Moreover, since the majority is confined at home, AIs can fasten WiFi and make it reliable. Thus, hardware and networking industries are still strong despite economic setbacks.

LinkedIn Jobs reported that job employment increases by 2.3 percent. The speed of the internet and remote technologies are attributed to the increase.

If you are experiencing slow internet, Netflix is the culprit. As AT&T reported, the movie provider has the highest traffic during the pandemic. But thanks to AI! AI uses smart routing of users and data. Plus, it also helps in troubleshooting.

“AI-driven networking automates troubleshooting and provides real-time insights of web service levels,” report added.

The Juniper Networking uses AI to improve the WiFi experience of employees at Gap, and even to the educators and students of Dartmouth College.

Aside from helping the fintech and networking companies, the usage of AI has been helpful to assist humans with their smartphones. Voice recognition and response technology impacted much on humanity.

Developers enable AI to understand users’ content despite they do not communicate well. AI allows people to have daily conversations. Plus, various companies like Kensho use AI agents to explain certain issues like politics, government regulations, and finances.

AIs have been revolutionary to humanity by increasing the quality of life. Keep in mind that AIs do not intend to replace humans but to help them to be better on what they do best.

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