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Cybersecurity Practices that Protect Businesses


Sixty percent of the companies that are victims of cyberattack go out to business within six months”, Hiscox Cyber Insurance revealed. Most entrepreneurs believe that bankruptcy is caused by a lack of customers, bad service, and limited capital. This article provides cybersecurity practices that protect businesses.

Increase the awareness of security protocols

Hackers do not only focus on attacking big companies but also on smaller organizations. They know that small ones do not invest heavily in IT security due to limited resources.

Respectively, a study from Accenture showed that 43% of the cyberattacks target small businesses but only 14% can defend their firms. Hence, it is important to train your people about security protocols to mitigate the probability to experience cyberattack. Unfortunately, McAfee’s study found that 30% of the employees undergone annual cybersecurity training.

Business leaders should emphasize the following protocols to employees: regularly backup data; update software; avoid suspicious websites, and do not allow unauthorized personnel to access to the network.

“Employee training should be at the top of the list. Knowledgeable workers make it difficult for con artists to gain unauthorized access to networks, files, and bank information,” Imran Tariq stated in the report of Entrepreneur.com

Invest heavily on the right tools to protect your business

Having the right tools is one of the cybersecurity practices that protect businesses against cyberattacks.

“Theft of digital funds will continue to increase because scammers are using sophisticated methods to access devices, emails, social profiles, keyboard strokes, and even two-factor authentication codes,” says Ruben Merre, CEO of blockchain security firm GRAVE

Thus, you need to protect your devices and networks by using the right tools such as firewalls and anti-virus.

Apart from that, you can adopt the use of multi-factor authentication to make sure no one can access your data. At present, hackers target hospitals by attacking data that are related to COVID-patients because they are certain that they will be paid once the data are inaccessible.

In using the Microsoft and Google security features, you can lessen the probability of being hacked.

Obtain an updated operating system

By obtaining an updated operating system and conducting a weekly scan to make your devices up-to-date. Make sure to delete unnecessary apps, clear cache, and do not allow hackers to track you.

All these techniques are among the cybersecurity practices that protect businesses. Make sure to be updated with the latest protocols of cybersecurity because crimes are evolving as well.


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