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Young Farmers Embraced Digital Solutions


In Africa and Latin America, young farmers embraced digital solutions that made farming more sustainable and profitable for smallholders. Financial opportunities, new technologies, marketing information, and production techniques were provided to the agriculture sector.

Before, farmers suffered from poor farming practices. Thus, they spent long working hours due to the labor-intensive practices making agriculture unattractive to the youth. But with today’s innovation, farming has become a rewarding business for them.

Moreover, digital solutions are beneficial tools for young farmers that equipped them to maximize the resources of their farm. These technologies enable them to keep records and identify essential information about growing crops such as the diseases, pesticides, seeds, and others.

Interestingly, market information and solutions to address other agricultural problems were already accessed by farmers with the help of their newly attained resources.

By obtaining reliable and timely information, young farmers can easily negotiate with their business partners, suppliers, investors, and customers well. More so, with the contributions brought by the technologies, the value chain of the industry will be improved.

Young farmers enhance their adoption to technologies by watching available videos online. They believe that the first one who adopts digital solutions is the one who can reap the benefits.

Further, digital solutions made great changes to agriculture. It makes farming easier and attracts youth to engage more with agriculture. As young farmers embraced digital solutions, they found out that the agriculture sector has a lot to offer when resources are being maximized.

With the increasing population, technologies can make agriculture produce more food to feed people. Plus, it can also address the climate issues associated with agriculture because digital solutions make agriculture sustainable.

Technologies applied in agriculture champion people being equipped and planet Earth is protected. It generates more job opportunities and uplifts the livelihood of many.



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