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How AI can Improve Today’s Workplace


Machine-learnings and Artificial Intelligence (AIs) are significant in making businesses operate amidst COVID-19. Today’s innovation does not intend to replace human jobs but aims to support workplaces. This article will explain how AIs can improve today’s workplace, especially today’s unprecedented situations caused by COVID-19.

With the present world, where social distancing is being observed, AIs can help in doing what humans can’t do as of the moment. In some countries today, AIs are being used to help to combat the spread of COVID-19.

“Robots in South Korea have been used to measure temperatures and distribute hand sanitizer and in China, ambulances are assisted by AI to rush through traffic. Groceries, meals, and medical supplies are delivered by self-driving cars, trucks, and sidewalk robots,” Laura Curtis reported.

More so, AIs are essential for medical intervention in the United States. BenevolentAI utilizes AIs to speed up searching literature reviews of a possible treatment for COVID-19.

According to Yuval Noah Harari, author of the 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, AIs can improve today’s workplace by creating new jobs for humans. In the medical field, AIs can help nurses in giving diagnostic care but still, there are essential skills from humans that AIs can’t do.

Doctors and nurses can focus more on critical thinking skills that are very beneficial in decision making to speed up the recovery of patients.

In the field of business, automation is very helpful to speed up voluminous paper works that impede companies’ business opportunities. Thus, like the doctors and nurses, employees can focus more on critical thinking skills and other skills that can be useful in doing their respective jobs.

Most of the time, the tedious business processes that businesses have can hinder the growth of employees to analyze. Some are being stretched thinner each day with the number of workloads that employees acquired. With the help of AI, employees can do what they do best.

Interestingly, AIs can help do administrative tasks like scheduling and organizing meetings or significant business events. This type of innovation can help you do less but achieve more.

Apart from that, since communication can be a struggle right now due to physical distancing, AIs can help in enhancing collaboration and communication. AIs can help in disseminating important announce in various languages.

As this pandemic continues, AI continues to accelerate business growth. However, it is still human that allows technology to drive businesses forward.


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