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Microsoft Teams Upgrades Features for Effective E-Learning


Microsoft Teams, a collaboration platform that integrates people through chat, improves its features to make E-learning more effective for students. The demand for manageable and secure learning from home set-up is still increasing due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19.

Since the spike of COVID-19 cases in March, 25,0000 new educators were identified creating Microsoft Teams accounting from over 180 countriesWith this, Microsoft pivoted and upgraded its competitive education collaboration. Check out the following features they enhanced for more engaged learning.

1. Microsoft team expanded its screen view for participants

For more engaged learning, Microsoft expanded its grid up 7×7 wherein an educator can facilitate 49 participants. Interestingly, students can raise their hands virtually if they want to ask questions while discussing. 

2. It tracks student attendance

What’s more, with the use of the said platform, educators can track the attendance of the students.

3. Provides engagement assessment of the students

Microsoft enables educators to see an engagement assessment of students. Facilitators can identify if the students turned in to their assignments, joined their online class, or accessed the provided learning materials.

4. Enables to blur the background and set up pre-selected images

Another new feature that Microsoft provided is to let educators and students’ backgrounds be blurred. More so, they can select displayed photos while in a video conference.

5. More secure platform

With the rising demand for remote learning platforms, malware is also developing. Thus, Microsoft increases its security and privacy features.

“The application allows educators to prevent students from starting meetings unattended and enables the teacher to manage sharing rights throughout the session. The lobby of meeting occurrences also remains secure because it can be set only to include a preselected group of students that can join,” Forbes news reported. 

The said security features adhere to the guidelines of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Microsoft Teams has been a tool for effective collaboration brought by its exceptional features. It ‘s been used by educators across the different countries around the world. With its new upgrades, learning will not only be more efficient but it will be more fun and secure.


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