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Sony Offers a Free PlayStation 4 With Xperia XZ2


Sony is all set to boost up the sales of their smartphones! Do you want to know how? Well, Sony has made some plan as to where they are giving away a free PlayStation 4 with Xperia XZ2 or XZ2 Compact preorders. This is so exciting? Customers will be able to make the best choice as in between the PSVR or PlayStation 4 and a copy of Gran Turismo Sport as in favor of no such kind of the additional cost. This announcement has been just newly made by the Sony itself. Plus, one year of the subscription will also be set as part of the PlayStation Plus that will also be bundled in with all preorders.

Sony XZ2 will also be undergoing some sort of the vital and yet the significant changes in the designs over the old Xperia devices. This is definitely coming across as one of the best compete in face of the Apple, Google, and Samsung. So many of the capabilities have been made the part of the XZ2 as previously where we did experience the removal of the headphone jack, all along with the beefed up specs and so as the coverage access of the total redesign. And now they are back again with the superb offer of the free PlayStation 4.

We all know that inside the world of Android huge sum of the competition is coming across. Samsung is currently known as one of the most demanding and wanted chunk inside the market share holder places. Offering the PS4 as free of cost is simply taken as one of the best moves being put together by the side of the Samsung. Some of the inside rumors have been coming across as where Sony will soon be launching its new console for the buyers.



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